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Machine embroidery


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Preserve your tradition!

Put on traditional patterns!

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Offers for companies

Make your firm's appearance unique!

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Offers for teams

and clubs

Let us show where you belong!

Machine Embroidery

We offer embroidery of unique samplers and different patterns by request, in high quality and in short period of time.

Making Emblems

We are able to embroider logos on any kind of material, it could be tailored or ready-made, one piece or thousands of ironing or appliqué labels.

EMB Program Designing

We undertake emblem software designing for companies in Hungary and other countries as well. This software is essential for the use of embroidery machines.

Tradition Patterns

For now Kalocsa pattern has its own tradition. It is a hungaricum and now is getting into fashion. In this section you can order (most of all) Kalocsa patterns.

We can provide a reliable background for the foreign companies as well. We hope, we can be more successful than the local rivals by offering low prices (even with the conveyance charge) and high quality. Let’s have a try, its free doesn’t have any cost!

  • Why do you choose us?

    • More than 20 years experience in embroidering
    • High quality
    • Wide scale of costumers
    • Innovative company
    • Empathic costumer service
    • Flexible arrangements
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Programme cost is only one at time, even if you want to embroider after 10 years it is possible without any additional cost!
    • Reaching short deadlines  (the period of time from the request to the takeover)
    • Meeting individual and special requirements
  • Why do you choose embroidery?

    • Hard-wearing and nice
    • Definitately stylish in some textil (on sailing, baseball, golf and sport clothes)
    • It keeps his original condition to colour and quality in the long run. (It is not weared down by a umteen wash)
    • There are ready-made products which can only be embroidered  (for the example: baseball cap)
    • Advertising and informing ability
    • You can put more than 1 pattern on 1 textil
    • You can embroider on every textil, in every colour and in every size!
  • Preferences

    • Up to 100 piece we release the  programme designing cost
    • In case of larger piece of commission receives bigger priority
    • If it is troublesome to get the perfect product (T-shirts, baseball caps, towels, souvenirs, gifts, etc )we can help to provide it.